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Our Business

Our Business

At CGC, our mission is to be active investors, operators, and long‐term owners of companies across the food, agribusiness, and commodities sectors.

We’re here to support great management teams and build great companies.
We invest with trusted partners to grow the value of industry‐leading businesses and food brands.
CGC is an active investor in businesses that provide strong strategic platforms for growth and value creation in the food, agriculture, and commodities sectors across the globe.
Through Arlon Group, we make direct investments in middle market businesses.
Arlon focuses its investment activities on growth investments and buyouts across the food and agriculture supply chain.
We make venture capital and growth equity investments in early stage businesses that are using cutting‐edge technology to define the future of food and agriculture.
We're sharing our network and expertise with companies that we think will be the key innovators and market leaders in the years ahead. We want to invest in companies that are disrupting the way people think about food and agriculture. We also support the Boulder Food Group and their focus on new brands within the packaged goods market.
In Latin America and the Caribbean, ContiLatin has built an expansive range of operations, including feed and flour milling, poultry and hog production, commodity trading, and consumer products. In Brazil, we’ve invested in middle market companies – through Arlon – and early stage ventures – through e.Bricks – with an emphasis on the food and agriculture sector.


CGC has had an active and growing presence in China for more than three decades.
Today, through CGC Asia, we participate in a wide range of businesses, primarily involving feed milling, animal husbandry, and meat production and processing. In China, through Continental Capital Limited (CCL), we make direct investments in private companies, targeting high‐growth food and agribusiness firms.
We own and operate agribusinesses in markets around the world.
Wayne Farms LLC is the sixth‐largest vertically integrated poultry producer in the United States, with annual sales exceeding $2 billion. In Latin America and the Caribbean, we’ve built a range of operations, including feed and flour milling, poultry and hog production, commodity supply, and consumer products. Since securing the first foreign-owned business license in China, we’ve expanded successful operations in the animal feed and husbandry industries.