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Nick Rosa

Nick Rosa is the Chairman of Conti International, overseeing the firm’s operating and investment activities primarily in Asia and Latin America.  He is also a member of the Corporate Investment Committee. Nick has been with the Company for over 40 years and severed in a variety of positions both domestically and internationally.  He joined Conti in 1975 as a trainee in the animal feed division, served in a variety of posts, eventually becoming General Manager of the Wayne Feed Division in Chicago in 1995.  He relocated to New York in 1997 as Vice President of Conti’s International Industries. In 2007, he was named Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Conti Asia, based in Beijing until 2020.  Nick has served as a Director and member of the Executive Committee of the American Feed Industry Association and as Chairman and Director in several poultry, pork, processing and feed companies in Eastern Europe, South America and Asia. Nick received both his BS in Economics and his MBA from Arizona State University.