Our Chairman and CEO, Paul Fribourg, together with other senior Conti leaders joined the 7th annual Olin Business School Family Symposium “Building and Evolving a Strategic Family Enterprise: A Deep Look at Conti & the Innovation of Food” at Washington University in St Louis, Missouri.

The Family Symposium explored how a family enterprise can stay true to its foundation over generations while evolving to match the demands of a fast-changing global economy. The group also examined the strategic role of professionalized non-family members and how Conti has leveraged its robust global network of investors and partners to drive long lasting success across the food and ag sector.

Paul Fribourg referred to Conti as a “family in business” as opposed to a “family business” and spoke to this small yet important differentiation that changes the mindset of the entire organization. Paul and Jordana Fribourg touched on Conti’s strategic approach to building a family enterprise and how transformation and relevancy have led to the success of the company today. “We stay true to our core but are ready to be nimble and innovate,” explained Chief Talent Officer, Jordana Fribour.

Our leadership team spoke on topics ranging from strategies of families in business, to how to build for longevity and the role of food and ag in driving the Midwest region’s future. We also highlighted the innovation coming out of our Conti Ventures portfolio companies, including Bushel – a software company focused on bringing innovative products and solutions to the agriculture value chain.”